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About Me

I look forward to meeting you at the Calmbirth weekend workshop, to inform, prepare, and empower you, so that you can enhance your potential for a positive and pleasurable birthing experience, whatever your journey.


I have been a midwife for 30 years, that’s a lot of experience! I consider myself very lucky and feel privileged to have been part of so many pregnancies and birth journeys.


I have been a lactation consultant for 20 years and a Breastfeeding counsellor before that, another passion of mine is to help establish breastfeeding.

Currently I am working as a clinical midwifery educator, teaching the midwives of the future. Prior to this I worked as a midwife in a continuity of care model using midwifery skills across my full scope of practice. I have undergone lots of post graduate study.

As an educator of parents, midwives and students I’m bringing all of my knowledge and experience together to deliver Calmbirth workshops to you. 


I became a midwife to make a difference and I believe calmbirth does just that.


Having seen first hand how the Calmbirth birth preparation can positively influence a birthing journey with simple breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisation, I became motivated to became a Calmbirth practitioner myself, it just all makes so much sense!


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